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As part of our sponsorship with Swimming WA, each year Aqua Technics provides a travel scholarship to assist a swimmer with the costs associated with coaching, equipment and travel. Swimming WA is proud to announce the 2022 Aqua Technics Athlete Travel Scholarship to Sahmara Kirby from Westside Christ Church Aquatic! The rationale for introducing this

Hamptons in the Wheatbelt

Greta Andrews-TaylorThe West Australian Mon, 25 October 2021 12:00AM To complement the classic Hamptons-style exterior of their home, the homeowners of this property in Wongamine chose Aqua Technics’ Torino due its sleek, contemporary nature. The pool is now the focal point of the aptly named Hamptons Farm Estate in the Wheatbelt region. Nestled between the


The silver-winning pool was an Harmony pool in Hamptons Blue. Being an avid fan of the coastal look, the owners of this award-winning pool wanted to experience the gratifying tranquility of the beach from their home. To create that beach-like experience, the clients had the house designed entirely around the pool. The resulting product is
Over the past couple of years, indoor pools have become increasingly popular among new pool owners. Aside from their undeniable aesthetic appeal, they also offer year-round convenience. Gone are the days where your swimming would be interrupted by unconducive weather conditions like rain or hail. Having your pool indoors also minimises the amount of natural
Plants are a classic design element for any outdoor space. However, landscape design is an art that preaches the mantra, “right place, right plant” and a common mistake made in the garden is selecting plants primarily based on their smell or appearance. In order to create a low maintenance tropical backyard oasis, it is important

What the ph is pH?

Part of owning a swimming pool means knowing how to take care of the chemicals in your pool water. Maintaining your pool within a healthy, balanced chemical range will help to keep your water clean and safe for swimmers. pH level is the measure of how acidic or alkaline the water in your pool is.

Perfect plants for your pool area

When you’re considering a new swimming pool, it’s an incredible opportunity to upgrade the overall look of your backyard. One way to have an impact is with attractive plant choices in your pool area. The right foliage and flowers can transform a pool area into a secluded backyard oasis. You definitely want to make an
For activities in the backyard this summer, nothing beats a swimming pool. While the shape, colour and water can be the main focus, knowing how to choose the right decking can have a big impact on how your pool fits into the landscape—and how safe it is for swimmers. The right pool decking should give

Best seat in the house

In recent times, bench seating has become an incredibly popular trend in pool design. Today’s pool owners want their pool to serve a number of different roles and Aqua Technics pools have evolved to suit the needs of the modern backyard. These days the humble backyard pool is where you cool off after a hot

Selecting Your Pool Size & Shape

Pool designs have evolved significantly over the years and there is now a large range of shapes and sizes to choose from. The old kidney shapes from the past are still around (and due to make a comeback one day!), but there is now also a huge selection of modern, geometric styles that suit today’s
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