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A: Before you start looking at swimming pool designs, it is important to think carefully about your goals for your overall outdoor area before you begin. What type of look do you want to achieve? There are many possibilities, including contemporary, classic, tropical, Balinese and any number other styles. It is important to consider how the theme you choose will fit with other existing features, such as the style of your home. The following checklist will help you get started:

  • How will I use the pool? – exercise, therapy, general play & recreation
  • What visual impression do I want? – central feature, secondary element, seasonal considerations, night-time considerations, style options i.e. naturalistic, classic, contemporary
  • How much paving do I want? – extensive, only at the entry, combined with decking or lawn
  • How do I want the pool enclosed? – standard fencing, glass fencing, wall, combination
  • What other features would I like? – water feature, fountain, speakers in the garden, pergola/gazebo, spa
  • How much storage do I need? – pool games and toys, pool equipment, pool chemical and maintenance supplies, cushions for furniture
  • What design and construction issues do I face? – pump/filter location, utilities, legal regulations, site and soil considerations


A: Obtaining accreditation to build a fibreglass pool to Australian Standard 1838 means being measured and tested by an authorised, independent auditor. This accreditation is not easily achieved. Anyone can say they to or better than the Australian Standard. For your peace of mind, always ask for a license number. Ours is BMP 520101.

A: Every Aqua Technics pool is made using certified swimming pool grade fibreglass that has been trialled and tested to perform specifically for fibreglass pools. The fibreglass is new generation, high performance, corrosion resistant and eco-friendly with improved strength and stiffness.

The quality of the gelcoat is also important. Aqua Technics has WA’s only onsite gelcoat manufacturing facility and fully qualified onsite industrial chemist. This allows for daily batching of the gelcoat, which can be modified to suit ambient weather conditions, resulting in a better quality product and a more competitive price

A: Aqua Technics offers patented Pool ColourGuard technology that resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals, guaranteeing colour that will not fade for the lifetime of the pool.

A: A full size ribbing system on the shell walls makes the pool independently structural when it’s installed in a sandy hole, eliminating the need for consolidated or sand and cement backfill.

Long sweeping benches, seats and swim outs have become an important feature of any great pool design. The support structure built into the pool should ensure they remain level with the rest of the pool. The support struts used by Aqua Technics are constructed from fibreglass so they become part of the pool shell to guarantee its integrity and increase the pool’s strength.

With step areas, it is a challenge to make sure the horizontal surface is supported and structurally sound and that the area can effectively be backfilled. Lateral baffles that the backfill can easily and effectively be placed around the pool provide effective support to the entire pool structure. Without these, it would be impossible to ensure the backfill is consolidated in and under the step area.

A: A wider edgebeam means the pool will be structurally sound without having to add secondary engineering works. This means there will not be any need for a concrete ring beam. The edgebeam on an Aqua Technics pool is 200mm wide. The design couple with the width means there is no chance of cracking through expansion.

All moulds are precision made ensuring the highest quality swimming pool. Aqua Technics are the leaders in Australia in fibreglass swimming pool technology. We have been a Quality Endorsed company since 1992. All of our pools are manufactured under license to the Australian Standards. We have been product certified since 1984 to AS1838:1994, license number 1906.

A: Aqua Technics offers the world’s first Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee with every Pool ColourGuard pool, as well as an Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty on every pool. These warranties are our commitment to providing extended guarantees over and above the standard SPASA Swimming Pool Contract warranties.


A: Often when it appears there is ‘low pressure’, it can mean that there is in fact plenty of pressure, but that the flow is low. This is caused by a dirty or clogged filter, a blocked return line or a valve that is shut off or partially shut on the return pipe. If there is a humming sound emitted from the electrical end, this may also be a sign that the pump’s impeller may be clogged with debris. To check if this is the case, shut off the pump and remove the basket. Check the impeller by putting your finger into the suction hole found in the pump strainer housing. If the seal is broken, it may need to be replaced.

A: Motor noise – the front bearings may need replacing. Perhaps water got into them, which will ruin them in a short period of time. The bearings can be replaced but often the motor is replaced as a whole.

Clogs – If the water flow is restricted with clogged intake and the basket is full it will be much louder than normal. If something is clogged in the impellor this will be noisy too.

No Water – If a pump is starved of water it will tend to cogitate. This makes a lot of noise because the pump is working against itself.

A: There are a number of potential causes of bubbles returning to the pool. It may be one of the following:

  • The pool water level may be low, therefore allowing air to mix with water through the skimmer. To stop this from happening, you will need to top up your pool water level.
  • The skimmer weir may be stuck in the ‘Up’ position, allowing air to mix with water in the suction line.
  • There may be a leak at any connection point in the suction piping or a leak inside any suction side valve at the stem O-ring. Please contact the Service Department on (08) 9258 5000 for more information.

A: The length of time between when you need to clean your filter is referred to as the ‘filter cycle’. A brand new filter would be likely to run for about 30 days between cleans (however, cleaning cycles do vary). Consideration should be given to the following as these could be causes for shorter filter cycles:

  • Location of your pool (is it near a building site? Trees? Beach?)
  • Usage level of your pool (high usage during summer months? Do pets use the pool?)

Filter sand or cartridges can deteriorate over a period of time and increased backwashing is a good indication that it is time to change your filter media. As a general rule, filter sand should last between 5-7 years and a filter cartridge may only last 3-5 years before requiring replacement. If you are unsure as to whether you need to change your filter media, contact your local pool shop

A: You should regularly be testing the following;

  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness

Stabiliser levels should be regularly maintained in outdoor pools which use chlorine. You should regularly take a sample of your pool water to your local pool shop for professional testing. Approximately every 4-6 weeks in the summer months.

A: Cloudy pool water is often a sign that the water chemistry is out of balance. Some potential causes of cloudy water could be high phosphate levels (caused by garden fertiliser, contamination from animals), early algae growth, high calcium concentration, sanitiser issues, pool water that is too warm, build-up of un-filterable wastes (make-up, lotions) and also a lack of backwashing the filter.

A: Cartridge Filters – Soak the filter in an approved cleaning solution for 24 hours, and then hose off with clean water before re-installing.

Sand Filter – Sand filters can be cleaned by backwashing, where the water is pushed back up through the filter, loosening particles. This should be done approximately once a month. If your sand filter is around 5-7 years old you may need to replace your sand. Contact your local pool shop to see if your sand requires changing.

A: Many pressure cleaners have a backup valve to stop this from happening, so make sure that this valve is operating every 3 minutes. If your hose is too short for the pool, this can prevent the cleaner from turning properly and reaching other areas of the pool. Loose wheels on the cleaner can cause spinning and inhibit movement.

A: Evaporation can be reduced by using a pool blanket. Plumbing, valve and pool leaks need to be located and repaired. Contact our Service Department on (08) 9258 5000 for assistance. Excessive splashing can also lower the water level.


A: Aqua Technics is a wholly Western Australian owned family company established in 1976. All fibreglass swimming pools are made specifically to order in Perth using the highest quality materials.

All moulds are precision made ensuring the highest quality swimming pool. Aqua Technics are the leaders in Australia in fibreglass swimming pool technology. We have been a Quality Endorsed company since 1992. All of our pools are manufactured under license to the Australian Standards. We have been product certified since 1984 to AS1838:1994, license number BMP 520101.

The 8m x 4m Valentina fibreglass swimming pool

The 8m x 4m Valentina fibreglass swimming pool

The Caprice 8m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool

The Caprice 8m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool

Disclaimer: These tips and instructions are offered as a courtesy to pool owners. The information provided is generalised as it is impossible for us to know individualised problems. We therefore cannot be responsible or liable for any problems arising from reference to these suggestions. Please contact our Service Department on (08) 9258 5000 to discuss your specific problem.

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