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Aqua Technics Welcomes Art D’Eau to its Distributor Network

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Aqua Technics is pleased to welcome Art D’Eau as their new distributor in Benelux. Principals of Art D’Eau, David Holiviers and Alex Oancea have been in the pool business for many years and were looking for a supplier of high quality pool shells when they discovered Aqua Technics’ pools, manufactured in Western Australia.

“It was very difficult to find such good quality” says Alex. “There are many choices in Europe, but we were impressed with Aqua Technics’ Pool ColourGuard® technology and the enormous support offered by such a large and established company. They have been in business for over 35 years and exporting for over 15, so they know how to build pools for our market. Apart from that, they are an ISO 9001 accredited company, so we have complete confidence we are working with professionals who are in business for the long term”.

Aqua Technics’ Managing Director Lew Beale has been instrumental in developing the company’s pool designs and laminate technology, most recently with the patented Pool ColourGuard® (PCG) product. He says: “We had an exciting breakthrough about 15 years ago when we worked with another Australian pool company developing the ceramic core and the bi-luminate gelcoat surface protection (marketed as Crystalite). It was revolutionary at the time, but has since been surpassed by the new PCG technology we developed. PCG is without doubt the most advanced gelcoat technology on the market and has enormous advantages for pool owners. It allows us to build pools that don’t fade. No one else can do that and when you consider how much it costs to own a swimming pool, why would you not buy something that is going to look its best for years to come – especially when the cost difference is minor!”

PCG is a patented technology, to which Aqua Technics has authorised manufacturing rights. Before applying for the patent it was tested independently by a NATA laboratory and its outstanding UV and chemical resistance confirmed. Aside from that it was thoroughly field tested, so it is no coincidence to learn it is backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

“The PCG technology didn’t just happen overnight” says Lew Beale. “We have tested thousands of pools over the years, drawing on our experience with the old Crystalite gelcoat and ceramic core technologies. Thousands of AT pools are installed all over the world, in a multitude of different environments, some hot, some cold, some rocky, some sandy – and without exception they have proven their durability in all conditions.”

The AT brand has been exported to various distributors in Europe, mainly in Germany, France, UK, and Benelux. Pools have also been distributed in exotic locations such as Reunion Island, New Zealand, Fiji, China, Mauritius, Russia, Thailand and the Middle East. There are many reasons for this success. “People are often amazed to learn we export pools all the way from Australia to other side of the world” says Ben Beale, Export Director of Aqua Technics. “Of course we compete with locally built pools in other countries, but none can match our fade resistance and durability, so we have a significant point of difference. We still have to be competitive though and are lucky labour costs in Australia are not as high as they are in most countries, which is an advantage. Freight is not a problem either – we ship stacks of 10-12 pools at a time, which makes the cost quite affordable. This also means our distributors are forced to hold stock, so consumers benefit from knowing the pool they are purchasing is probably already in stock and ready for installation immediately.”

Aqua Technics is delighted to be working with Art D’Eau in the Benelux region. We are supporting the partnership with customised European pool designs, plus a considerable investment in stock and establishment costs. It is Aqua Technics’ intention to expand on the brand already established in the Benelux market and to ensure consumers can continue to enjoy the benefits of this internationally distributed brand.

Click here to view the Art D’Eau website.